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Food Packaging Photography for Smokewood Foods

I love the opportunity to shoot food photography in the studio.  We recently had the chance to work with Smokewood Foods, manufacturer of tostada shells, chili mixes and taco tubs to work on their food photography for their website and promotional materials.  It was a privilege to collaborate with TopSide Media who helped with the art direction and Tracy O’Shaughnessy from Designgrrl Studio for the web design.  Great food shots were particularly important for Smokewood Foods because a lot of their product is ordered online wholesale by schools and public institutions.  Thankfully Smokewood’s owner recognized the importance of quality food photography, having an advertising background.  With such a great group of fun, down-to-earth people, my food stylist Kristina Wolter and I were were overjoyed to collaborate on this project.

During the preproduction meeting, Kristina and I raved over the authentic Western-themed props that made the perfect backdrop for this delicious, rugged food.  Shot at Photogroup Studios, the food shoot went off without a hitch.  For the chili shot, we used the old cowboy hat Smokewoods’ owner has worn over many years as well as a lasso on a distressed board backdrop.  For the tostada shots Kristina picked through produce, finding the best garnishes, grilling the meat to perfection (she has her food styling tricks!), and grating the perfect lacy cheese.

Another shot included showing their taco tubs product and how they can be used.  Mostly sold to schools, our task was to update and modernize an image of a boy eating a taco tub.  We utilized Zephyr Talent agency’s Phoenix Cash who was a delight to work with.  The best way to get a natural looking “eat and grin” shot is to have the model repeatedly go through the motions of moving the product towards their mouth on cue and take many, many shots.  We ended up with plenty of great shots to choose from.

We were thrilled to work with this account and help them get some delicious food imagery for their website.   Check out some of the images below and on their updated website at

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Dang! Vietnamese Food Photography

After working on the food photography project for Pluckers Wing Bar earlier this year, we were thrilled to be called back by the owners to work on menu photography for their new Vietnamese restaurant opening in Austin this summer:  Dang! Banh Mi.  At the time of the food shoot, the restaurant was still under construction, so we set up a make-shift studio at co-owner Dave Paul’s residence, which provided the perfect backdrop for the food.

The goal of the food photography session was to capture the authentic Vietnamese cuisine presented in a delicious, accessible way for the Western palate.  For the Banh Mi the client wanted to show each layer individually, so it’s easy to identify what goes on the sandwich.  My trusty food stylist Kristina Wolter expertly added each layer separately and managed to get everything to stay in its place while we photographed each stage of the sandwich build.  She also did an amazing job with the Pho, getting every ingredient to show, without the heavier items sinking to the bottom.  The dishes all feature fresh ingredients and typical Vietnamese spices, garnishes and condiments including beautiful purple Thai basil, habanero peppers, bean sprouts, Thai chilis, and Dang’s own hot chili sauce.  The fresh colorful ingredients really helped the images “pop” against the rustic wood surface.

Dang Banh Mi is slated to open in North Austin July of 2014; for more information and to see more of the food photography we did for them, check out their website at:

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Food Product Photography

Restaurant menu photography

Environmental Portrait for the Bones & Co.

A while back we worked with The Bones & Company on their raw pet food photography project.  Months later I set up the lighting and staging for this environmental portrait for the owner, Ryan Cummings.  We shot at the commercial kitchen Capital Kitchens, which is a gorgeous industrial kitchen space that has a lovely front room with this amazing wall of reclaimed wood planks.  Ryan is pictured here with the ingredients he uses in his dog foods: fresh raw meats and veggies.

Chef portrait

Summer Recipes for the National Mango Board

I recently had the pleasure of working with the National Mango Board to do some food photography for new summer recipes using mangos.  We hired Photogroup Studios in Austin for the shoot location and the talented Meghan Erwin for Food Styling.  These recipes are  simple, healthy, and perfect for a summer barbecue.  My favorite item to sample was the mango fruit pops; the coconut water makes them extra refreshing and delicious.  Check out some of the food photos below and recipes available on

Central Texas Food Photographer

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Drink Photography for Serranos Tex-Mex

Repeat food photography clients are the best!  Back in January of this year we had the pleasure of working with Serranos Tex Mex restaurant; they were so pleased with our work, they invited us back to work on some menu specials and drink photography.  With beverage photography, my food stylist Kristina and I often use substitute fake ice and and sprayed-on condensation for the real thing.  Styling the drinks and garnishes and getting the lighting just right is often a time-consuming process and the drink can quickly melt or over-condensate so that it obscures the glass.  For this shoot we were fortunate enough to be able to set up a white seamless on-location food photography studio right next to the bar.  We worked easily with Serranos’ amazing staff who could provide the stand-in drinks so I could get the lighting just right and the fresh ingredients and garnishes so Kristina could style the drinks right on set.  We still worked quickly because the drinks had about a two minute life span for us to take the photos.  Check out some of the beautiful images below.  Many thanks to my assistant Rachelle Bendixen, second assistant Jessica Alexander, and of course the most talented woman with tweezers and spritzers, Kristina Wolter.


Beverage photography

Close up of Mojito and Old Fashioned made with tequila

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La Perfecta, Strawberry Margarita, and Mexican Martini

Drink Photography

The Coco Loco, Cucumber Serranos Margarita, and Tropical Margarita