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Easter Chocolate Photography- Maggie Louise Confections

Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies

I was thrilled to recently work on another product photography project with talented chocolate designer Maggie Louise from Maggie Louise Confections.  Her modern take on the traditional chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies transform them into little works of art, almost too pretty to eat.  She decorates Easter eggs with Pollock-esque paint drips and stripes.  Chocolate bunnies filled with marshmallow are hand painted a shiny black with hot pink accents, making them what she calls patent-leather bunnies.  What fun!  Check out some of the resulting treat photography below:

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Product Photography

Easter candyEaster Chocolate

Still Photography for All Star Burger Commercial

All Star Burger talent photography

The Street ladies from All Star Burger

Lights, Camera, Action

As a food photographer, I shoot commercial still photography of food for restaurants and food producers, but I was thrilled to recently be involved in a commercial spot for All Star BurgerHiatt Marketing Group contacted me to take still shots for a local commercial spot they were working on for family owned All Star Burger in the Hill Country Galleria.  The commercial depicts the owner’s lovely wife and two talented daughters talking about their dad and his passion for making the most delicious, juicy burgers in town.  I photographed the stills that are shown in the commercial while the girls are speaking.  It was so exciting to watch the filming of the talent against a huge green screen and see all the parts come together.  The talented hair and make up artist Devona Ploeger prepared the already beautiful ladies for the camera.  The girls delivered their lines confidently and the filming went off without a hitch.

After shooting stills of the talent on a white background, the second part of the project was taking some environmental portraits of the owner Shane Street at his restaurant, as well as a few close ups of their burgers.  Hamburgers are some of my favorite subjects to shoot, due to the complexity and sheer deliciousness of the final product.  Take a look at some of the food photography and environmental portraits that resulted from this photo shoot.  I think you’ll agree that All Star Burgers look as good as their famous reputation of being the juiciest burgers in town!

Austin Restaurant food photography

Close up photos of the classic All Star Burger and the Pacific Coast Burger


environmental portrait

Shane Street with iconic flag at All Star Burger restaurant

Eat and grin food photography

The “Burger Boy” himself!

Food Photography for Pluckers Wing Bar

Ever had the feeling you were just meant to do something?  That’s how I feel about the food photography project I recently shot for Pluckers Wing Bar.  I first learned about this opportunity through Pluckers’ marketing and web developer who emailed me directly looking for a food photographer.  Excitedly I replied and prepared an estimate based on food photography onsite at their restaurant complete with a food stylist.  That same week, no less than three friends reached out to me because they had stumbled upon Pluckers’ job posting on a web board.  When I was finally selected as their food photographer, I was thrilled!

The shoot was a blast and the folks at Pluckers were amazing to work with.  We decided to shoot at their original location on Rio Grande because they have rustic wooden park benches that make the perfect backdrop for this casual, irreverent sports bar.  My food stylist Kristina Wolters worked directly with Pluckers’ kitchen manager to style wings, burgers, sandwiches, appetizers and drinks with a casual and light-handed looking approach, although she worked skillfully to bring out the best in each dish.

When we packed up after an eleven hour food shoot I was tired but exhilarated.  Generous, helpful, and professional, the Pluckers’ staff was a dream to work with.  They even sent us home with some food for dinner. What a treat.  I truly consider myself lucky to have such great clients.

Check out some of my favorite food and drink photography from this session below:

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Tex Mex Food Photography for Serranos

It’s a food photographer’s dream to work with the most renowned local restaurants.  I was thrilled when late last year I was contacted by Serranos Tex-Mex Restaurant and Lucid Crew web design and marketing to work on their food photography for a website redesign project.  This all-day shoot included their most popular menu items and drink photography in their bar setting.  With my trusty food stylist Kristina Wolter, we took Serrano’s food, ingredients, and plating and presented them beautifully and deliciously for the camera.  Mexican food can be particularly challenging to photograph, displaying so many colors from the same palette: yellows, browns, and cream colors, but fortunately Serranos’ Tex Mex menu includes lots of fresh, vibrant ingredients that bring the dishes to life and make for some beautiful food photography.  And don’t forget the signature serrano pepper on top of each dish.

Thanks so much to the freiendly, hospitable staff at Serranos for helping us throughout the shoot, and thanks to Patra Cardinal from Lucid Crew for her art direction (and modeling!).  Check out some of the food and drink photography below.Menu photographyCommercial photographerlifestyle food photographyDrink Photography AustinBar Scene

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Photography

To prepare for their Valentine’s Day line of chocolates, I teamed up with Maggie Louise Confections to photograph a Valentine’s-themed chocolate shoot.  Always feminine and stylish, Maggie’s vision this time included the use of vintage and luxury cosmetics, a fancy tea party set-up, and even a “One Night of Love” Valentine’s theme.  As a food photographer, I love it when I get to shoot products that tell a story through the props and setting. Check out the narratives below and have yourself an indulgent, romantic, and hopefully not broken-hearted Valentine’s Day.

Austin food photographerFood Product PhotographerAustin product photographer

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